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Public lighting in Australia provides an important service:

Annually costs $210 million

Uses 1,035 GWh of electricity (0.57% of the Australian total)

Is responsible for 1.15 million tonnes of CO2 emissions (0.63% of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions from electricity)

The 1.94 million public lights in Australia annually use about the same amount of energy as 170,000 Australian homes

There are ample opportunities to improve the quality of the public lighting service while reducing both the costs and greenhouse emissions. However, most of these opportunities will only be achieved as a result of proactive government action.

Source: Public Lighting in Australia – Energy Efficiency Challenges and Opportunities
Final Report 2005.
Prepared by: Kevin Poulton and Associates, Genesis Automation, and Deni Greene Consulting Services, for the
Australian Greenhouse Office in the Department of the Environment and Heritage.