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Lighting the Way

Product Detail

Bollard Light

· Minimal caballing and trenching required

· Up to 12 hour run time

· 10 watt fluorescent

· 180 to 360

· Anti-shock diffuser

· Steel post, hot dipped galvanised

· Option of flanged or in-ground posts

· Powder coated in a range of colours

· Sold in sets of 4 bollards

· 4 bollards require only 1 solar panel



Height: 1000 mm
Width: 180 mm
Weight: 45 kg

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Bollard Light

Product Summary
Solar Advantage Pty Ltd produce a robust, vandal resistant, solar powered bollard light, particularly suitable for lighting pathways and boardwalks.

Detailed Bollard LightBollard Lights at nightBollard Light 02

4 Bollard Lights can light a path up to 100 metres long and only require 1 solar panel.
They’re super strong too to resist vandalism!

Additional benefits of Solar Lighting for Councils

Make direct reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Position your Council as a leading corporate citizen.

Help meet ratepayers' expectations of Council's environmental performance.

Enact your environmental policy.

Support the local economy and local industry through the development of new renewable energy generators within Council jurisdiction.

Use of the Green Power customer logo on all marketing collateral if minimum requirement is met.