Solar Advantage Pty Ltd

Lighting the Way

Product Detail

Standard Light

 No caballing or trenching required

 Stand alone unit

 Up to 12 hours of run time

 26 watt fluorescent

 Steel post, hot dipped galvanised

 Poles and fittings powder coated in a variety of colours



Height - 6 metres combined pole and panel.

Standard Light

Product Summary
Solar Advantage Pty Ltd produce a pole top solar light for use in lighting pathways, parks, bbq areas, boat ramps and other amenities.

Standard LightStandard Light Fitting

The 26 watt fluorescent globe is strong enough to light a 50 metre area!

Of the 1.94 million public lights in Australia, lights on minor roads make up 70% and consume 47% of the energy used for public lighting. Lights on major roads make up 30% of the lights but consume 53% of the energy.

Source: Public Lighting in Australia Energy Efficiency Challenges and Opportunities
Final Report 2005.
Prepared by: Kevin Poulton and Associates, Genesis Automation, and Deni Greene Consulting Services, for the Australian Greenhouse Office in the Department of the Environment and Heritage.

Text Box: Solar Advantage Pty Ltd now produce a pole top light that is suitable for use on minor roads.  
The P4 Street Light complies with Australian Standards AS/NZS 1158.3.1
l  2 hour run time
l  Stand alone unit
l Hot dipped galvanised
   steel post and fittings
l  42 watt fluorescent
l Flange mounted or break-
   out pole is optional