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Solar Advantage Pty Ltd produce a pole top solar light for use in streetscape projects.

Heritage Light

· No caballing or trenching required

· Stand alone unit

· Up to 12 hours of run time

· 2 piece pole construction

· 26 watt fluorescent

· Steel post, hot dipped galvanised

· Poles and fittings powder coated in a variety of colours



Height - 6 metres combined pole and panel.

Heritage Light

Heritage Light FittingHeritage Light

The 26 watt fluorescent globe is strong enough to light a 50 metre area!

There are 1.94 million public lights – one for every 10 Australians – that annually cost $210 million, use 1,035 GWh of electricity (0.57% of the Australian total) and are responsible for 1.15 million tonnes of CO2 emissions (0.63% of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions from electricity).

Source: Public Lighting in Australia – Energy Efficiency Challenges and Opportunities
Final Report 2005.
Prepared by: Kevin Poulton and Associates, Genesis Automation, and Deni Greene Consulting Services, for the
Australian Greenhouse Office in the Department of the Environment and Heritage.