Solar Advantage Pty Ltd

Lighting the Way

Company Profile

Solar Advantage Pty Ltd is a West Australian owned company under the direction of Trevor Greasley.  We manufacture a range of solar powered lighting systems for many purposes including lighting in remote and difficult to access areas.


Being West Australian owned, we are very supportive of other Australian companies, and wherever possible, utilise Australian made components and services.


With an excellent understanding of Australian conditions, Solar Advantage Pty Ltd has been able to create lighting systems that harness our sometimes harsh conditions, to create optimum product performance.


Solar power is a cost effective, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional power sources; a benefit we aim to promote.  We are continually developing new products to ensure that our range of solar lighting solutions is as diverse as they are beneficial to both our customers and the environment.

Heritage Light

Of all Council services, street lighting is the one which uses the most energy.  In greenhouse gas emissions, street lighting is second only to landfill sites.  It is a very expensive activity, costing Councils and other agencies $156 million per year in energy alone and up to $900 million per year including the cost of equipment and maintenance times.

Source: Coopers & Lybrand, “Report to IPART on Street Lighting Review” March 1998.


Solar Advantage Pty Ltd offer a variety of Solar Powered Lighting Solutions and can even customise a solution for you based on your needs.